One month out and headed west

August 31 ,2008

What’s up y’all! Well we are on the up and up out here. After a couple stressful weeks due to my vocal chord injury I seem to be fairly stabilized. It broke my heart to have to cancel those 2 shows in Myrtle Beach and Carey but the vocal rest paid off and has let me get the upper hand on my bleed. I’ve still been on vocal rest off the stage. It’s been 5 weeks that I really haven’t spoke except for my performance onstage. Hard to imagine…sometimes it weighs me down but I’m staying positive!

On a show like last night in Reno it all pays off. We played this beautiful little amphitheater on the outskirts of Reno and it was just a beautiful evening. Starting off acoustic, we let the music come in like a slow rolling wave and end up in a huge crash. It was just one of those great nights and my vocals felt the strongest they’ve felt all tour.

Right now I’m just waking up in my bunk in Ft Mason Park, San Francisco. I can hear music coming through the air. Today we play the Slow Cooking Festival–sounds like my kind of fest. We go on right before the Grateful Dead’s Phil Lesh. This is a real special day to be playing with one of the greats. I used to go play my harmonica in the parking lot at the Dead Shows back in the day. One time in Albany, I even got a miracle. Oh yeah. I will get my groove on today fo sho.

We finally made it to the west coast after one month of touring. We have just under 2 weeks left so I hope to keep taking this thing sky high on the West Side and end up in a Colorado Mountain High to finish at the legendary Red Rocks.

I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend and we want to send a lot of love to the people in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. We are keeping our fingers crossed and praying for you all!




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