The Autographed Guitar

September 01 ,2008

Hey y’all. Wassup Fam?!? Yesterday we played the sunny slopes of Ft Mason Park in beautiful San Francisco. With the Golden Gate Bridge in the background it was a majestic day to get our jam on. The gig was an afternoon affair and I headed out to the waterfront for a run before the show. The San Francisco bay was perfect and Alcatraz was even looking inviting out on the island. Seeing Alcatraz (the famous “inescapable prison”) reminded me of a good story.

On a tour a number of years ago we had the day off in SF and I asked Chad one of the singers from Brodeeva if he and Earl would wanna go to peep out Alcatraz to which he kindly replied, “Yo G, I ain’t going to jail on my day off!” Too funny. Shouts to Brodeeva! SoCal’s finest singers!

So, back to the point of this post which is to tell you about this Gibson J-45 guitar that I’ve been toting around for sometime now. Years ago at the X games I had the opportunity to interview and jam a song with Slash from Guns and Roses. I had never asked for too many autographs but I couldn’t pass this opportunity up. So, I asked him to sign it. That was the start of it all and now that guitar is tagged up crazy. Here is a list of the autographs I’ve gotten so far-

Bo Diddley, Junior Wells, John Hammond, Family Man, MCA, Mike D, Big Daddy Kane, Jack Johnson, Jackson Browne, DJ Red Alert, Wilt Chamberlin, Slim Kid Tre, Donavon Frankenreiter, Kelly Slater, Jimmy Buffett, Matt Costa, Mason Jennings, Charlie Musselwhite, John Butler, Ben Harper, Slash, Merlo, Ozomatli, Conan O’Brien, Steve Jones, Clyde Stubblefield, Warren Haynes, Grace Potter and last night I was honored to get Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead on there as well. Siiiiick!
What can I say, the guitar looks sick and what a blessing to be touched by such amazing artists. I’m a fan yall!

Peace, Love and Happiness,




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