Running to Red Rocks

September 08 ,2008

Wassup yaaaaalllllllll!

Well, I just got off stage at the beautiful Britt Pavilion in Jacksonville, Ore. What a crowd, what a night, what a show. The vibes were nice. I felt stronger than ever. I’m back.

After a couple amazing days off in San Fran, We hit Vancouver and despite the terrible border crossing (why is the border always a huge pain in the ass???!!! Aaaaahh), we had a nice show at the Malkin Bowl. BC and the Pacific Northwest is just perfect. What a place to live. I got to hang with two of my best homies from Philly Towne–Jonny Valentine and Earl. Great to catch up and hear my two Northwest Philly liberals rail Rep Vice President Nominee Sarah Palin. We bought some Alaskan Salmon and they went off! “Palin Salmon” with the slogan “petroleum coated fish”, “we won’t stop till we catch every last Palin Salmon in the sea!!”

Anyways, I’m back in Portland tomorrow and we are basically working our way to the big finale of the tour in Morrison, CO. The famous Red Rocks! Oh yeah. It’s on!

See you there




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