The Grand Finale

September 12 ,2008

Salt Lake City–the wind howled, the rain came. The wind howled the rain left. The rainbow filled the sky as Tristan Prettyman sang her heart out and the show rocked! Beginning to end the vibe was tight. Big shouts to all the crews in Salt Lake City for the sold out show.

Now, now, now that wind is still howling and it feels like Mr. Fall blowing in saying, “G, you better finish that summer tour cause summer is over!” I’m like, “Damn Mr. Fall! Just give me two more nights of summer and I will be on my way!”

Well, I’m on my way to Red Rocks for our last show of this amazing tour. It was 6 weeks long and it’s hard to believe we only have Colorado left. Crazy! Mountain High. I will wake up today at The Red Rocks. Can you feel it? Oh yeah. It’s on.





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