Tour Wrap Up!

September 17 ,2008

Awwwww man! I was all geared up for my two last shows in Cali. I was on the sick bill with the infamous Black Crowes. I got the call from my manager today. “Bad news…The Black Crowe shows are cancelled”. What?!!?! It turns out there was some health issues within the band and they had to cancel all their touring for the rest of the year.

I understand…kind of. You all know I have suffered a hemorrhage on my vocal chord in July and August and my doctor and my manager wanted me to cancel the whole tour. I wouldn’t do it. Call me stupid or irresponsible, but I powered through it with caution and I made it through. I’ve got to get a surgery in November to get my vocal chords fixed. Either way I thought, “I have 2 more shows and then…Bam!” The BC’s have to cancel for an injury. Like I said I understand, but I’m bummed on so many levels.

I want all of our peeps to know that I wish I could’ve played these shows for you and I want to jam the new record in Cali. And make no mistake; I’m not mad at the Crowes. I love them and their music, and I, of all people, know what they are going through. I am going through it right now as well. Hopefully, we can make this up and reschedule this bill.

Anyways, big shots out to all the peeps that came and rocked with me in Chicago and Minnie for my two acoustic performances. These two shows were the last shows of the summer tour! What a vibe. Last night in Chicago was ill. I didn’t think it could get better, but tonight in Minneapolis crushed it. The Hard Rock Cafe was over capacity and the crowd was awesome. I love rocking with the Sauce, but there’s nothing like solo acoustic. That’s my roots man!

Thanks to my whole crew, Chris D, Philly Frank, Goldenboy, Big Skrimp, Mark Boyce, Jimmy Jazz, Houseman, JB, AP, JJ, Chuck, Megan, Chris, Mario, James, the JBT and Tristan Prettyman all the bands and crews for a great summer. Thanks to all of our fans coast to coast for supporting the record and the tour.

We love you all!

Peace- G



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