Mt. Fuji Rocks

October 06 ,2008

What up Y’all !! I’m sitting in my room at the Shibuya Excell Tokyo overlooking the throngs of bobbing heads as they hustle and bustle their way through the main crossing at Shibuya Station in downtown Tokyo, Japan. Last night we jammed the Asagiri Jam at the base of the famous Mt. Fuji. It was the joint!


More on the Jam in a minute. So, after last weekend in Austin and Laguna I headed back to Boston for some R&R and just really relaxed which was nice. I was flying to Japan out of NYC so on 10/1 I jetted down to the big city for a couple nights before my plane on the best day of the year…10/3, my B-day!!

Because the Black Crowes cancellations left me stranded without my tour clothes, and due to a myriad of post touring botchups I still hadn’t got my luggage or my stage clothes so I had to treat myself to some new duds suitable for the stage. There’s this great vintage store in Greenwhich Village on Greenwhich St. just below 7th and 11th that’s called Star Struck. I’ve bought some cool clothes there including the green leisure suit I wore on the Lemonade record. I was able to find a couple of sick black western shirts for my tour. If you go just tell them G. Love sent you. He will probably kick you out!

I had a nice mellow birthday dinner with my family and saw my little baby niece, she is just the cutest thing ever. My mom cooked up a storm and made me a bomb apple crisp for dessert. Crisp, any kind of crisp, a la mode is my favorite dessert of all time. Mom always nails it too. After my dinner we hit a couple clubs to celebrate and we did it right. Needless to say, I over celebrated and didn’t wake up until the next morning when I realized I missed my alarm, my ride, and my flight! Oh shit! Luckily, I was able to get on another flight and I made it to Japan!

After the 15-hour flight, during which I finally got to see Hancock (I play some harp over the song on the end credits), I arrived in sunny Tokyo and jumped in the van for a nice 4-hour drive to Mt. Fuji. I was worn down, worn out, strung, down, strung out and just plain exhausted. We had some delicious miso ramen noodles and got horizontal.

I woke up early the next morning. The jetlag I experience in Japan is like a lifestyle. It completely dominates my whole schedule. It always ends the same too, the minute I regularize myself and feel human again, its time to go home. That’s life.

I took a run alongside some rice paddies while Mt Fuji looked down and headed back to the van to ride to the Asagiri Jam.

We arrived onsite and had 2 hours to get ready for our early 1:30 pm hit. Right before our set I got to see this great band from the UK called Kitty, Daisy and Lewis. Theses guys are a family band all brothers and sisters with the mom and dad as well. Completely old school man. I loved it. The girls were playing harmonica and drums and it was something else to see them shuck and jive.

We hit the stage next and from the first note it was on. I thought our ACL hit was sick but this set even topped it. The band was loose and funky, the vox were hot and strong and I was flowing like Lil Wayne’s bank account. Talk about starting off with a bang…man, it was on! Our 50-minute set was tight and right:

The Things I used To Do
Don’t Drop it
Back of da Bus
This Ain’t Livin’
Georgia Brown
Who’s Got The Weed
Cold Beverage/freestyle
Peace, Love and Happiness

It was a sick show thanks for a great show to all the jammers at Mt. Fuji

I gotta run and see the Emperor yo!

Peace out



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