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October 14 ,2008

What’s up Fam? I am 30,000 feet up in the sky somewhere above the Midwest. Only 2 more hours of my 12-hour flight from Tokyo to DC. We had a great tour in Japan and many thanks to all of our Japanese fans who represented. The vibes were thick and every show was hot.

Our last show was on the island of Fukuoka and after a slamming show we had one last funky dinner. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the Japanese cuisine is the best and most eclectic in the world. Every night after the show we have big group dinners. The food and sake flows till you just have to get up and get out before you explode or have some kind of damn Maalox moment at the table. Uggggh. Self control so hard…

On our last dinner, we asked to try something different and they served us, get this…raw horse. No joke. Raw horse. It’s a traditional Japanese food. I have to say it was pretty good, just like Carpaccio. Honestly, I couldn’t get past the fact it was horse. Even though it was tasty, I moved onto the fish roe omelets! I’m telling you, I was raised to try everything at least once and most foods I love. Another thing I tried on this tour was fish nuts. I didn’t even know fish had nuts well, lest just say I won’t be trying them again.

So, now I’m flying home to the family and I have a couple weeks off before my two last shows of the year. Salt Lake City and Denver. Both of the shows are free for the radio station listeners of KENZ in SLC and KBCO in Boulder/Denver. After those two shows I go to get laser surgery on my vocal chords followed by 2 weeks complete voice rest and 2 months of vocal rehab before we hit the road again in Feb 2009.

Those of you who keep up with these blogs have heard about my vocal injury. After being dogged by a bleeding vein on my vocal chords for months now, I finally have an opportunity to correct this problem before I do permanent damage to my voice.

I am going to do an in depth journal of the procedure and recovery. I think I will learn a lot about the voice box and hopefully any other aspiring singers won’t have to end up where I did after 15 long years on the road.

The surgery itself is pretty basic and I will feel fine. I’m certainly not looking forward to being completely silent for two weeks. But I gotta do what I gotta do to get back on that stage. I plan to practice my guitar and really get back into playing those mean old Delta Blues. I’m going to write a lot and spend a lot of time with my kid. I haven’t been off the stage for three months ever so it’s a tough pill to swallow but I will keep you posted.

Thanks to everyone, fans, band, crew and family for a great summer tour and giving me so much inspiration to keep our musical movement flowing forward!

I couldn’t do it without you.





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