Cambridge, Mass. Porter Square. Camp Studios.

October 22 ,2008

I’m up in here working on collaboration with Zap Mamma.

Zap Mamma is an amazing Belgian artist of African descent. This music is the funkiest, dirtiest, world beat, triphop I’ve heard. Fueled by the crisp and intimate vocal personality of Zap Mamma the music swirls through genres of hip-hop, afrobeat, and tribal rhythms with emotions that delve deep in the soul.

I met Marie (Zap Mamma), 2 years ago at the Monterey Pop Festival and we exchanged numbers. On our European tour this past July, she joined us onstage in Amsterdam for “Grandmother” and “Can I kick it”. Shortly after that Marie asked if I would like to join her on a track for her forth-coming release. Oh yeah, would I ever.

So, here I am up in the studio while this funky thing is going down. We worked on a down tempo joint called “Drifting” or “Please come on”. Then I blazed some mean electric harp on this untitled afrobeat joint.
This record is gonna be the jam. Aight, I got to get back to work here. These Funky Francois speaking dames are ready for G to drip-drop-drizzle some more crunky rain on this track.




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