Go Phillies

October 29 ,2008

Wasssssssssup! Aight enough about shows, enough about politics, enough about music, family, traveling, fishing, elections, wars, weed, records, youtube, myspace, books, money, girlfriends, world peace, Boston, John McCain, child support, gourmet dinners, benefits and wishful thinking! For the next 12 hours all we need to think about is baseball!

Go Phillies! Go Phillies!

It’s been 25 years since we have had a championship team in Philthadelphia, the city of brotherly love. We need some luck to go with that love! Although, the Phighting Phillies seem to have the skills to pay the bills. Let’s get it done tonight.
Don’t be phrustrated my phine philly phriends. It’s phinally our time to pheel good about our phavorite team!

Love the Philadelphonic Phunkateers – G



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