Chinatown Bus/Election Day

November 04 ,2008

Nov 4th is finally here. I was the last person to board the $10 dollar Chinatown bus from NYC to Phillytown.

I sat down next to a nice young woman and we commented on the fact that the Chinatown bus is getting shadier and shadier. Soon our talk turned to the election. She told me she had taken the $20 dollar Chinatown bus from DC last night, waited an hour and a half to vote this morning and was catching the bus back to DC. Its 10 am. That’s dedication. That’s how much people care this time. She has 5 classes today at Howard University in DC and she says she hopes she can make the last two. She said with a laugh, “you see what I do for you Obama? I’m just a poor college student running around, spending all this money to vote…You better win!”

This election has been the most emotionally charged election I can remember in my lifetime. I was definitely emotionally drained and in complete and utter disgust of my country when George W Bush was elected for his 2nd term but this time I’m completely inspired. The possibility of having Barack Obama as the first African American president is inspiring. The possibility of having a charismatic leader who can connect with people all around the world is inspiring. The fact that 100,000 people show up to hear Obama speak is unbelievably inspiring.

This is surely an exciting time. Obama gives us hope to rebuild our economy, get out of Iraq and unify our country and move into a more positive era of American life. I sound like a freaking politician now but really I wanted to wish you all a happy and inspired election day. Whatever you believe in, today is your day to make your thoughts count by getting out and voting so don’t sleep! Go vote! One life to live, one love to give! Cast your ballot!




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