Vox Dox

November 07 ,2008

11/1/08 — As promised I’m going to take you all through my surgery that will lead to the new bionic G. Love version 3.0 model upgrade 2009. I’m like a singing cyborg. No, its actually a little laser procedure to burn away any excess baggage on my vocal chords.

As I write this post, I’m sitting in the chair at my wonderful doctor, Dr. Divi’s office in Philadelphia. Divi will scope me today. I hope I will not have any blood on my vocal chords. If there is blood I will have to wait a week for surgery. I feel pretty good though and I’m optimistic that we will proceed tomorrow with the surgery. So now I will wait…..

11/4/08 — Well I waited 3 days to get back to this. During that time Barack Obama was elected and indeed I had my operation. It’s most certainly a new beginning.
I got scoped and Dr. Divi said we would go forward with the operation. On the way home from the doc I stopped by Philadelphonic studios and Chris D and I put the finishing touches on the “Soft and Sweet” radio edit. It sounds siiiick.

I got home around 9:30pm, macked down some seared tuna and mushroom risotto and watched the election polls. I watched Obama win and give the most inspirational speech I’ve seen in a long time. It brought tears of joy to my eyes. To be a part of this beautiful piece of American history, I feel proud to be American again. I went to sleep in complete peace.

11/5/08 — I arrived at Hanneman Hospital on Broad and Vine at 9:30am and got prepped for surgery. They put me under at 11:30 am and I woke up around 5pm in the recovery room.
The surgery was a complete success. I’ve got a swollen tongue and I’m on voice rest for a week but I should be back to 100 percent soon. Thanks to Dr Divi and Shirley Gherson for guiding me through this whole vocal blowout. I look forward to a beautiful and creative 2009. More to come!

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