A Note From My Father

November 10 ,2008

Greetings! Well, I’m down at the Jersey shore on post-op voice rest, convalescing with the fam. My father wrote down his thoughts about the Barack Obama Presidency. It was so well put I thought you all might enjoy it.
Nice one Dad!

Friends and family–I had to publish something because I’m still excited about the election and so indulge me one more time and I’ll try to explain. Of course, part of my excitement is attributable to the Philles’ World Series win, but turning to Barack…As most of you know, I’ve been for Barack since early 2007.

His leadership and organizational skills were evident in his extremely effective, cohesive and harmonious campaign. His impressive intelligence and leadership abilities coupled with his charisma and speaking skills will serve him and our country well.

He will inspire us and bring out the best in us and in our country and bring us together rather than dividing and polarizing us in so many ways and along so many lines. He will improve and elevate our standing around the world. Under him, diplomacy will trump pre-emptive military action and force feeding of democracy (that’s the Bush Doctrine, Sarah).

He will honor our Constitution (remember, he was editor-in-chief of the Harvard Law Review and he’s a Constitution scholar and professor) and observe the separation of powers doctrine, keeping the Executive Branch and the Presidency and Vice Presidency in their proper places (good riddance, Mr. Cheney).

He will surround himself with capable people and with time will deal with the serious challenges facing us. He’s inheriting the worst and worsening economy in our lifetime – record budget deficit and national debt, housing and mortgage crisis, unemployment, volatile stock market, etc., etc. I know there’s a fear about increased taxes, etc. – but remember two things – Congress not just the President changes our laws (and I think he will control Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid) and secondly, the mess we’re in might call for some stiff medicine for all of us.

Well, thanks for your indulgence.
I know many of you share my optimism about our President-Elect, his administration and our future.




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