Timo Shanko joins G. Love and Special Sauce

January 20 ,2009

Greetings Friends, I hope this finds you all in the best of health and spirits. The winter tour kicks off in Kansas City on 2/12 and we are certainly looking forward to kicking it with you all. We have been hard at work in Boston rehearsing and writing and are pleased to announce the new member of G. Love and Special Sauce. Joining us on upright bass, electric bass and saxophone is Timo Shanko.      

I first had the opportunity of watching Timo play back in 1993. Timo was one of the original members of our brother band, Jasper and the Prodigal Suns. A cool scene developed out of the Plough and Stars Pub in Cambridge, Mass. Morphine, G. Love and Special Sauce and Jasper and the Prodigal Suns. All three bands went on to sign major label deals and make some truly unique and profound recordings.

Timo is a truly gifted and inspired bass player. Last year I started a side project in Boston called The Phamily that featured myself, Timo and Tom Arey on drums. We have been writing a lot but only had the chance to do one gig. It’s really been an honor to reconnect with Timo, someone whose playing has inspired me throughout the years.

Check out Timo’s Bio below and we look forward to getting down with y’all soon!


Timo Shanko, born Timo Kielnecker in Los Angeles California USA 1968. Attended Santa Monica High School, Class of 1986. Began electric bass studies at age 11 learning rock, blues and soul songs; focusing on theory, technique, sound and time. Played in bands with older musicians at bars, clubs, parties, etc… in the area starting at age 14.  Discovered Jazz and quickly became a “Jaco Clone”. Moved to Boston, discovered all jazz, modern classical music, world and avant music of every kind. Deepened roots and then founded the Fully Celebrated Orchestra (FCO) with Alto Saxophonist Jim Hobbs playing in the streets and now recorded 11 records.  Moved to NYC 1990-1991. On tour with Eddie Kirkland as Band Director 1990-1994 traveling everywhere ten times. Founded the Prodigal Suns 1993-1995. Signed a major label deal with Geffen Records and toured again. Moved back to Boston to further develop FCO, original group and expand Acoustic and Electric Bass and Tenor Saxophone skills. Principal Bass in orchestra’s. Over 50 recording appearances and numerous mentions in Media. Many published books and awards won. In 1998, began very large transcription series that has become Life’s Work. Still touring and performing locally (500 gigs/year). As of 2009, lives in Swampscott, MA –full steam ahead. A partial list of musical associates includes: Jim Hobbs, Django Carranza, Ray Anthony, Mackie Burnette, Ken Clark, Luther Gray, Benny Benson, Johnny Trama, Peter Prince, Toussaint, Tommy Benedetti, Geoff Scott, Mike Rivard, Sayers Brothers, Eddie Kirkland, Steve D, Craig Welsch, Joe Morris, William Parker, Mickey Bones, Marco Benevento, Tom Arey, Eli Winderman, Grayson Farmer, Gordon Beetle, Scott Shetler, Paul Ahlstrand, Jeff Galindo, Aruda Brothers, Bob Gullotti, The Slip, Zemog, Salim Washington, Brian Thomas, John Medeski, Sam Kinninger, G Love and the list goes on and on…..



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