Spring Is Sprung….

April 14 ,2009

…And all it does is rain again…walk to slide, riding through it all. Comeon sunshine.

Well, we are off here in Pittsburgh and it is indeed a rainy day. Big ups to the sold out Mr. Smalls crowd in Pittsburgh last night. Unfortunately, my voice was a bit raspy but we made it through and the crowd was nicey nice. I’m just lying low today getting ready to finish up one more week of this spring tour.

I have to say, this tour has been slamming. The new lineup is really gelling and we’ve had some amazing shows. We definitely had a sick family vibe with the Movement. I think Jordan Miller and I are brothers from another. Every night after the show was just freestyle flows till the cows came home. It got misty fo sho. And Josh and Jordan from the Movement can flow fo sho.

It’s always nice to have some fellow MCees on the road to keep the skills up. Give us a beat, some spoons or a guitar and it’s on. You shoulda heard the hooks and rhymes. Just pouring out…

I’ve been in a real positive creative flow for a couple months now. Just vibin on the chance to record in the fall and make some ill new music. Its gonna have a lot of hiphop in it. I’ve been listening to a lot of Wu Tang Clan and GZA- Liquid Swords. What a killer record.

Time to get back to the music and stop all this talking. I hope- wherever you are and whatever you’re doing you’re having the time of your life-

Live up! G



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