Summer Lovin’

June 29 ,2009

Well, schools out, the cold weather is done and once again it’s my favorite time of year. I’m down at the Jersey shore just chilling with the fam, enjoying a nice week before we crank it up for Rothbury and Summerfest next weekend. Then it’s on for the rest of the summer. GLaSS will be performing a bunch of festivals until we crank it up for the Jason Mraz tour in July/Aug.

After our stint with Mraz we head out west to do our own tour and hit some dates with DMB awww yeah. At the Gorge in WA, we will do 3 nights there with Dave. The Gorge is definitely one of the best venues in the world. RedRocks and the Gorge- the best spots to play…

Anyways, I’ve been writing a gang of new songs, doing a couple local shows with my new side project Butter and chilling. We are getting ready to release the new G. Love limited edition Rocky fedora. 100 percent of the proceeds will go to

Thanks for your support!

See you soon, G



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