Mile High

July 17 ,2009

Yo! What’s up Pham??! I’m chilling on the bus in Sun Valley, Idaho, getting ready for our first set of the weekend.

There’s nothing like the summer tours! It’s just beautiful out here in the mountains and the air may be thin but its fresh. So breathe in deep.

We are working our way to Denver for the Mile High fest. It’s gonna be off the charts. We are back sharing the stage with our old friends Widespread Panic, Ben Harper, Incubus, Ani Difranco, Galactic and many more. It’s gonna be the bomb.

This summers been cruising by quick and slow. I always want it to last forever. The other night after rehearsal I was chisilling out after a crazy day and watching Animal House on TV and this freaking Walmart commercial comes on saying how its time to get ready to go back to school. I’m like what?! Its fucking July 14th. Its just the midway point. Come on now. It’s a little too early to start buying school supplies. Yikes. Get back in the hammock. Go back to the beach.

Anyways, if there’s one person who doesn’t want summer to end it’s me. And I’m going to be bringing it to you guys all summer so get ready to jam out and don’t listen to those Walmart fools- we got plenty of time!

One! G



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