Off and Running

July 27 ,2009

Hey, hey, hey, wasssup y’all. I’m waking up on the bus en route to Charlotte, NC for the day off. Last night we commenced the Gratitude Cafe Tour at the Merriweather Post in the D.C area.
I had a long ass day that started at 3:45am in my bed at the luxurious Hampton Inn in Delmar, CA (gotta love that free breakfast). That’s definitely a time to still be up and definitely not the time to have to get up. But get up I did for that ugly 4:15am lobby call and a 6:30am flight from San Diego to Dulles International to make our 7:45pm set time on the Jason Mraz tour.

I swear to god I didn’t really feel alive yesterday til I grabbed that mean green guitar and started kicking that “Back of the Bus” intro lick. Then I was like, “ok let’s do this thing”. The crowd was huge, 12,000 people and honestly, I don’t think a lot of them knew us but by the end of our 50 minute set I felt like we were old friends. Seriously, thanks for a great vibe.

Rewind to the day before in SD where luck was on my side and I scored the swell of the summer. The waves were 10″ at least and I paddled out twice. First in the am with my crew from Avalon, NJ. Scott “Scooter” Garner, Brian Brown ( and Ben. We charged it til sound check and caught some big lefts at Ponto. After sound check my manager dragged me out again. I used Tristan Prettyman’s lil 5’11” short board and it just barely had enough float to get me out past those massive sets rolling in. I got some great waves and serious natural high that carried me through our bumbing 90 minute set at the Delmar racetrack. The only thing I missed was betting on those ponys but then as much as I fiend I’m a lousy gambler.

Anyways, everyone is waking up slow, we got the day off and I’m getting ready to shed out and work on some new tunes. See you all in Hotlanta as we take this thing to the dirty south on route to Beantown, Nyc and hometown Philly.





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