G. Love and Obama

July 30 ,2009

The following excerpt was taken from MTV.com:

“Today, President Barack Obama hosts a rather unorthodox event at the White House. He will welcome embattled scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr., the Harvard professor who was arrested for disorderly conduct following an incident in his home. When Gates raised the idea that it was possible that his arresting officer, Sergeant James Crowley, may have been racially motivated (Gates is black, Crowley is white), the President commented on the case and seemed to draw the conclusion that it was indeed a case of racial profiling. He accused Crowley of “acting stupidly” when asked about the incident.

However, Obama later walked back his statements when he realized they were slightly more inflammatory than he initially intended. As a way of diffusing the situation, Crowley and Gates will meet with Obama today for a beer at the White House. The President will quaff a Bud Light, Gates will sip a Red Stripe and Crowley has opted for a bottle of Blue Moon. The informal meeting will act as a mediation between all three parties, and Obama hopes that this will become a “teachable moment” about race, status and law enforcement. The President has seen his poll numbers dip a bit because of this snafu, though as Jimmy Fallon and Diddy explained to the world two nights ago, those numbers can be deceiving.

The so-called “Beer Summit” is getting a little bit of heat in the media, but it’s an excellent idea. After all, as G. Love and Special Sauce have always told us, there’s nothing that a “Cold Beverage” can’t cure.”

ORGINAL URL: http://newsroom.mtv.com/2009/07/30/beer-summit/



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