On the Road again

August 27 ,2009

I just can’t wait to get on the road again…I’m on the 8pm flight from Boston to Chicago and getting ready to hit the road again for the end of summer tour. Gotta get on back to school I guess…I hope someday I find a place where summer never ends ya know?

I just had a nice week off with the family at the Jersey shore. The surf was up due to the offshore Hurricane Bill. Pretty classic–big waves all week. Lucky break for sure.
Now its time to get back to music and I’m ready. We’ve been really solid as a band lately and writing a lot of music. I write a lot of tunes solo but we also write a lot of tunes as a band. This summer on the Mraz tour was a bit tough to work through new music at first because we didn’t get sound checks. Sound checks are really where we get to hash out a lot of new song ideas and address any improvements we want to make to older songs. Luckily we were able to use the Mraz band practice room during their sound checks so that was really a blessing. They’ve got a couple amps and a small standup cocktail kit for the Houseman. It is actually a pretty classic sound so I plan to record a tune or two for youtube with the acoustic practice rigs when we get back with those cats.

Right now we are jamming off to do our own shows. Nothing like that ya know. Bring our own vibe to our own peeps and just get deep into a longer set for peeps that really know us. I can’t wait. Times are tough out there right now and it’s the best thing we can do to keep playing music and really bring it to a beautiful place. Bring it to a spot where hopefully people can forget about their worries even for a little while. That’s why I play music. I play to feel good and make other people feel good too. Let’s let the music take us away from our worried minds. Time to stop thinking and just feel it. Even for a little while…Even for a little while… Keep your head up! Turn the heat on! The pot’s on now. That’s it, now your cookin’, with gas…oh yeah.
See you soon!



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