101 ways: Always take the gig

September 23 ,2009

Greetings to our Philadelphonic Phamily and I hope this finds you well. For the past couple years I have been working on what I hope someday will be a book called “101 ways not to f!*ck up your chances of being a Rockstar: a musicians hand guide to navigating the treacherous waters of the modern music industry”. I guess the titles a bit long… Artistic license. Because I don’t have a publisher yet I’m going to publish some excepts for you all to check out. I’ve got 40 chapters already so tune to check it all out. Here is the first chapter “Always Take the Gig”
Enjoy! G

101 ways: Always take the gig

When I was 19 I got an offer to play my second gig at the Crossroads Cafe in Wilmington, Delaware. It was also the same weekend as the big River Bluesfest I was dying to see in Philadelphia. I couldn’t do both. I asked my good friend Jonny V what he thought I should do and he said, “Gare, always take the gig”.

That one sentence has become one of my mantras. “Always take the gig” say it again 100 times. When you “always take the gig” you decide many things. You decide to be the show instead of watching the show, you practice for the show instead of watching a TV show. You are active not passive. You decide to be on stage instead of watching from the crowd. You just gave yourself a shot at something instead of sitting on your ass. No gig is too small or unimportant. The only time you don’t take the gig is if you are preparing for a bigger gig.

People that don’t take the gig lose. Not taking the gig is complacent and complacency leads you to saying these three words when there are no more gigs being offered, “…Fries with that?”

Always take a gig. It may lead to another gig or opportunity, a chance meeting or connection that someday could have you on the podium thanking Jonny V for telling you to “always take the gig” when you accept your Grammy for best new artisit. So get off your ass, get your guitar and yes!!!! Always Take the Gig. I will be watching!



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