Back to the Grill Again: Goin Independent

October 09 ,2009

Well, I’m out of the frying pan and into the fryer. I’ve really been going nonstop and its feeling good. Basically, I wrapped my summer tour in Portland 10 days ago, flew to Boston for a day with the Pham, flew to Oz for the best promo tour in 15 years then flew back to LA.

I got in at 10:30 am yesterday and rolled up in the littlest rent-a-car possible (gotta save money honey) and arrived at the Standard Hotel where they macked me out in the kind room. I wasn’t really too tired after sleeping 9 hours out of 14 on the plane (thank you Ambien and Vin Rouge) so, I cruised down to Newport (2 hours 20 mins–thanks LA traffic) to get a sunset session with surf writer/photog Steve “Zeldo” Zeldini. Caught some waves, got worked, jammed on a 52 strat (niiiice) and headed up to the Brushfire studios. By accident, I took a wrong turn off the 405 North and found myself at In and Out Burger. Damn!!! Alright, make it a Double Double, can you say “#1 pleeeeeeze!” That was a good detour.

I razzled up to Brushfire and met Merlo Podlewski who plays bass with Jack and is currently working on his solo project as MC J-Radio. Merlo makes beats and some of them become G. Love or JJ songs like “Can’t go Back to Jersey”, “Get on Back 2 School” and JJ’s “Staple it Together”. We laced a J-Radio track called “Dynamite” and 5 other beats Merlo made and I wrote to–straight hip hop. I got to see the Brushfire crew who just rolled back with rave reports from the Pearl Jam, Ben Harper show. Good vibes all around. I didn’t make it back to the hotie til 2:30am and my weird jetlag didn’t give me rest till 4 or so…

I woke up today cruised for a surf at Point Dume where I paddled out into a small day and saw guess who in the lineup?? You’ll never believe it…Mike D from the Beastie Boys. That was fucking cool as shit. I tripped out in my head but managed a quick rap with Mike before snagging a few waves. Before I knew it I was late to my studio session in El Segundo with my old producer T- Ray and Anton the Russian Soul Brother. Are you dizzy yet? I am.

T-Ray produced my record Philadelphonic, Cypress Hill, Ozo, SS, Double X posse, Percee P, Funk Doobiest, Carlos Santana. Nice. We got into our swamp stew of creation and started working on some voodoo infused Hip hop Blues. Rag Mop…Almost out of breath now…We wrapped and I headed home and now a very tired G. Love is sitting on the balcony having a Duty Free purchased night cap. Who’s got the weeeeeeee…and yes, finally this jet lag had absolutely kicked my ass. But all that’s not what I came here to talk about.

I came to talk about going independent. Our 10th release in Oz, remember Oz? is called Long Way Down. LWD is the first official Philadelphonic Record release. For the first time since selling my cassette, G. Love Oh Yeah record, I am completely in control of my own musical destiny and I love the Philadelphonical Pheeling. I finally put my own record out. Liberation.

So that’s it, go independent. Do it yourself. Pheel Phree. One more show with our good friend Jason Mraz and then its full focus on nothing else but my new record.

Thanks for a great summer 2009! Y’all be cool and I will see you soon. Thanks!

PS. Be back with a 101 ways next week!
Oh Yeah!



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