G. Love Blog: 101 Ways…

November 09 ,2009

Greetings Phamily and Phriends. I hope you all are enjoying your phall and everything that comes with it. This week we get back to another segment from my forthcoming book, “101 ways not to F!ck up your chances at being a Rockstar”.

Enjoy! G

101 ways – “I love your Shit”

“I love your shit”
Say it again “I love your shit” now keep saying it to everybody you listen to, work with, open up for and definitely say it to the opening act. I know you’re an egotistical-self-centered-musician-a**hole but try to remember to be nice.

Be better than nice, be supportive. My old producer Dave “Stiff” Johnson taught me to say “I love your shit” to every other band I would come across. It works too. “I love your shit” is the perfect thing to say and by saying it you will make some struggling fellow egotistical-self-centered-musician-a**hole feel great about what they are doing.

Remember you might be opening for them sometime soon and they might not give a shit about your music but they will remember that you were the person that “loved their shit”



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