Goin’ Down

November 17 ,2009

I’m goin down now, I’m going down, down to Australia. South as can be. It’s summer in Oz and that seems like a good place to be. We just released our tenth record there called Long Way Down.

We’ve had the song “Long Way Down” for almost 10 years now I’m sure. It was always one of the those jams you could start a show with. Even though people didn’t know it, they would react to it. Everytime. It always hit.

I’m excited to go support this album in OZ right now. I’ve been off the road for like a month or more now and I’m itching to be back on stage with the band, with the peeps. I live for the stage I thrive on it. I’m addicted to it like a junkie and I need a fix. So give me a mic and a mix and its on. Let’s do this thing yo. All I have to do now is fly this 24 hours to Australia and get it on. I’m gonna be jonesing, I need to get up on the mic. Its a challenge for sure, you have to dig deep, even on nights when you don’t think you have it, when you don’t know where it is or if it’s gonna come. You have to find it. And trust me its not about notes or chords. Its about the feeling. It’s about your whole body, mind and soul being engulfed in a euphoric fire. A trance…a ritual. And it’s about gaining the trust of those good people in the audience to take them on a trip. A trip as serious and as light hearted and free as possible.
The music we play draws from the history of music itself. The pain and joy of humanity itself. And onstage we are like human history itself. Sometimes floundering in indecision, sometimes rising to creative heights never before reached. It’s all in a night. We are chasers of an intangible spirit. We are dedicated to an unmasterable craft which has infinite possibilities and immeasurable circumstances. I’m the eleven keys of the western scale there are infinite expressions of melody, words and music to express our divine selves. I’m telling you music is love. Love is everywhere. And that’s real.
See yall at the show. Let’s let it all out and get free – G
Oh Yeah!



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