11/24/09 – Thanksgiving Greetings

November 25 ,2009

Phrom all of us at Philadelphonic to all of yous guys out there, you, yours and your whole family and generation we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

This year I’m giving thanks for my phamily, my phriends, my girl, my music, and all of the love and support you all have shown us this year and the past 17 years. Holy shizzle we have almost been a band for 20 years. That’s crazy.

We just had an amazing little run down in Australia. What a great vibe. Immediately after the tour I flew back to the USA, jumped off at LAX and hit the studio for a two day writing session with producer/writer Luke Walker. We’ve been working on a banger.

Now, after all of my creative juices have been released, I’m ready to head home and replenish. I’m headed down to Mississippi for Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to eat some real deep fried southern turkey with all the fixings of the deep south. Don’t worry I will post all the pix on !!!!

Anyways, enjoy your holidays and we can’t wait to bring our music to you soon!


Peace, Love and Respect and Happiness!




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