G. Love Blog: 101 Ways…

December 22 ,2009

Greetings Phamily and Phriends. This week we get back to another segment from my forthcoming book, “101 ways not to F!ck up your chances at being a Rockstar”.

Enjoy! G

101 ways: Less is More.

This one is from my drummer. “Hey- How yous guys doin’? I’m Mr. Less Ismore”. You know the less you do the more you are…Hmmmmm. Also Kyle from Slightly Stoopid says it pretty good in his song “Everything you Need”. “The harder you try, the less you succeed, don’t try at all and get everything you need” well, that’s a little bit off base but close. Another analogy to the less is more saying is that you will be louder if you whisper than if you scream. Meaning, people will listen closer to you if you whisper – they may just cover their damn ears if you scream!

This chapter relates mostly to playing music but basically I’m saying you can have a huge impact by being understated.

Musically speaking, only play as many notes as you need to get your point across. Please don’t musically masturbate all over the 2-inch tape (or protools). I know it feels good but goddamn! Stop touching yourself (musically speaking of course). There is just as much music in the space before the note and after the note as there is in the note itself. Ahhhhhhhh so profound. Now stop noodling and stick to the song!

For examples see Albert King, John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Reed and all of the Blues Masters.



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