G. Love Blog: 101 Ways…

January 20 ,2010

101 Ways Not to F!ck Up your Chances at Being a Rock Star…a Pocket Guide to Navigating the Treacherous Waters of the Modern Music Industry

Musicians are Flakes!!

Whatchu talking about Willis- who me???!! I’m no flake check this new lick on my guitar!!

Shiiiiit let’s face it, musicians (except for me of course!!) are flakes. Its been said before and I will say it again flake, flake, flake!

That’s why chicks say “I don’t date musicians”. Don’t be a flake!

Musicians are musicians because they spend many of their informative years sitting alone communicating with their instrument. If you are a good musician ask yourself how many hours of blissful escapism you’ve spent away from reality pursuing your craft. Be honest!

If you’re going to lead your band of flakey strummers and drummers you cannot afford to be a flake. You must discourage every sort of flake like behavior and flakisms that enter into your sphere. You must at all costs realize that you can either be a superstar or a flake. This means no missing gigs, no missing soundchecks, no missing meetings, phone calls, interviews, recording sessions, stage times (unless you are Snoop Dog) or oppurtunities!!

The only thing you’re allowed to miss is your girlfriend, family and old brown dog. Now go walk that dog Flake!




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