2/22/2010 – Eureka Times

February 23 ,2010

We started our 2 month winter tour 3 weeks ago and just like that, in the blink of an eye we are 4 shows from finishing the first leg. The Olympics are in full swing and we’ve seen more than our share of curling. I also want to give massive props to our friend Bode Miller for his huge career comeback and first Gold Medal.

I woke up today in Eureka, Ca after an amazing week in Northern California. It is truly God’s country up here, where the great forests and mountains meet the majestically powerful Pacific ocean. Everything is rich and beautiful. The land, the nature, the food, the wine, the greenery and of course the surf.

Today, a good friend of mine Jeff Winkler who I’ve know for almost 10 years now from my jaunts down to Costa Rica, picked up Frankie and me and we headed out for a surf in Eureka. Frank was all about charging it but the big, burley, coldwater surf had me wanting to chill and catch up with Jeff. Well, after Frank dropped in on a massive 10ft left that held up for 100yds I was like, “awww hell no”. I had to represent so I got suited up and charged it. I was able to get a perfect left of my own before we had to charge back to the bus. Great day. I guess you always gotta push yourself man, in whatever you do.

Music has been vibing on this tour. We are in between records and as I often do during these times, I really draw from the old school. We have pulled back a couple of gems like “Town to Town”, “Walk to Slide” and “Parasite” into the line up and it feels good (for nightly set lists follow me on Twitter @glove).

Anyways, the band is really playing well. We all thought San Diego was one of our best performances with our current lineup. My other favorite hits were the sold out Fillmore in SF, San Luis Obispo, Petaluma, Lake Tahoe, Flagstaff, Oxford hmmm and Nawlins of course…Also during this tour I had a chance to sneak down to LA and sitin at Teddys where Dennis Rodman rushed the stage and refused to give up the mic until I had to box him out and take that shit back. I’m sure if you look on youtube for G. Love, Dennis Rodman something will come up…I had a late night jam sess with Derrick and the Sum 41 crew. Hollywood is craziness.

The next day my old friend Jack Johnson hit me up to lay down harmonica on 2 new tracks for his summer release. I hit up the Brushfire studio and blessed 2 amazing new songs and Jack, as always, never ceases to amaze me with his creative flow.

Meanwhile, I’m hard at work writing my new G. Love and Special Sauce record. We are slowly and surely working in some of the new tunes in the set. Also on the horizon is my new side project with Plutronics from Australia. This is a completely long distance record. Pluto sends me a beat, I lace it on my garageband at home with vox, harp and guitar and send it back. He arranges it and I make sure all my shit is tight then send it back for him to mix and produce. I’m telling you this is gonna be funky and unlike anything I’ve done.

So that’s it between touring, recording, surfing. I’m getting my fill of inspiration and I’m looking forward to sharing it with all y’all at a theater near you as soon as possible so get on out to a show and holler at your boys!

Thanks! G



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