Here We Go Again

March 10 ,2010

Well, after an awesome tour and 5 days off we are back at it. Ohhh Yeaahhh! Are you Reaaaaady!

We will be swing through the Midwest then working our way down through the Dirty South to Florida.

Last week was beautiful up in Boston until Thursday morning that snow and rain started coming down and I’m sure gonna miss my fam but I’m not gonna miss this weather. Take me down south where the weather suits my clothes.

The world has been crazy and troubled lately with the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. How blessed are we to have our health and live in a safe place. Never take it for granted. A good friend of mine from Philly, Dave Sullivan, just got back from Haiti where he was on the ground helping the initial stages of rebuilding and re planting the country. He said it was so heavy. The damages sustained in this country will still be there after the news crews have disappeared so keep sending aid. And Dave recommends sending aid through more grassroots channels than the Red Cross.

We are looking forward to seeing you all soon! Real soon like tomorrow

Thanks so much




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