Southern Swang

March 19 ,2010

What up what up what up Pham!!

Well, we are two weeks into the second leg of our winter tour and after a slamming week of shows we are gearing up to play Charleston, SC. C-Town has always been one of my favorite spots and today was just beautiful. Spring is finally in the air and it feels good to see the sun.

This tour has seen the band digging into a lot of old obscure catalogue tracks like “Town to Town” and “Walk to Slide” as well as new joints like “Party, Freakin’” and “Come Back to me”. It’s feeling real nice and the band is crackalacking

We had a real tough week last week when Frank C aka The Big Skrimp slipped on the loading ramp in Grand Rapids and busted his leg. He is going into surgery next Thursday and is going to be out of commission for a couple months. Get well Skrimp!!

The crew has been pulling together to get through with one man down and big shouts to The Golden Boy, Mikey Ledesma for helping with guitars while Skrimp heals up.

So, we hit the Carolinas this week and then head down to Florida. We are hoping to get some surf in Jacksonville and play some slamming shows so get on out.

As always, thanks for your support and letting us play our music for you. We sure couldn’t do it without you!

Thanks- G



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