5/4/10 – Baja Living

May 04 ,2010

What’s up Pham!!

It’s been awhile since I picked up the pen ya know so here we go. I’ve been runnin and I’ve been racin, so many different towns so many different places…Winter tour wrapped up a couple weeks ago and just in time for the ice to melt in Boston, I had spring break with my son on the gulf coast in FLA where I fished for Tarpon and enjoyed the naturals of Sanibel including many Alligators and Snakes. After that I was off to Todos Santos, which is just north of Cabo, the southern tip off Baja, Mexico. I was on a surf trip to make a short film with Keith Malloy, Tyler Warren and soon to be legendary shaper Chris Christenson.

For 5 days and nights we surfed, jammed music, fished, beached it and imbibed a sh#tload of Cereveza, Pacifico, of course its got to be Pacifico.

This was a unique project for me because, although I’ve had many tunes in movies of all kinds throughout the years, this will be the first project I’ve completely scored. After I surfed to exhaustion, I would sit on the beach and jam my guitar to the sights of Keith, Tyler and Chris surfing. I tapped into their fluid movements and emulated the sounds of their rides through my slide guitar and harp. All I can say is I can’t wait to see this shit.

Other highlights were, the hundred fish tacos I ate and definitely fishing for giant Humboldt Squid. Using a hand line, squid rig and the knowledge the kindly and cereveza loving Pescadores, we pulled up about 20 of these 30-40 lb giant squid. Of course I tried to cook one up but it was nasty! And you know I eat everything.

They sell thousands of pounds of these a day to market though, so somewhere, somehow, someone must be able to make them taste good. It was beyond me.

So, after a week in Baja, I was inspired and worn out from such a good time. I had a good night off and rested my bones in San Diego where I’m just waking up now and getting ready for a surf before I hit the lab with Slightly Stoopid to continue our work on our collaborative EP which has the working title of Stoopid Love.

Meanwhile, back in reality there’s a lot of crazy shit going on I’m worried worried worried about the Gulf Coast which I feel has become like a second home to me in the last couple years. This BP oil spill is going to devastate such pristine coastline and an economy, which is still reeling and struggling to rebuild from Hurricane Katrina.

Also, in hometown Boston, the sewer main burst into the main water supply so the whole city has to boil water to drink.

It just goes to show you how tight of a rope we walk on and everyday is an uncertainty so live it up as best you can. Stay positive and help, help, help. Try to be a solution not a problem!
Thanks, G



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