5/20/2010 – Getting Ready

May 20 ,2010

G.Love Japan

What up Pham. Spring is here and summer is right around the bend and I’m loving it. So nice to be able to jam in the sunshine all day and grill it up at night and hoop on the weekends.

I’ve had some good times home with the fam and now I’m heading halfway around the world to Tokyo for the Green Room festival in Yokohama. 48 hours of travel for 50 mins on stage? Sure, why not…HELL YES! I’m pumped to get back to Japan and back on the stage. I think this will be something like my 29th trip to Japan. I’ve been making this trip for 15 years. Damn! I will never forget looking down at the main intersection in Shibuya during rush hour and all those people on the street…such a different culture than America. Shibuya makes Times Square in NYC look like a suburb. Tokyo is the ultimate city. I have to say that I feel like Japanese cooking is the most elevated cooking in the world. It’s definitely up for debate… Anyways, its f*cking good that’s all I know. I always eat the craziest food there and I’m about to do it again so bring it on. If it grows, swims, walks, squirms, crawls, floats or climbs- I’m eating it.

So here’s a brief rundown on something’s brewing in Philadelphonic. I’m just starting to work on a secret, summer, carbonated, alcoholic, and cold beverage due for a possible 2011 summer release. What is it?!?! Top secret but I will say that involves lemonade and beer and a classic brewery….

My homie Will Conner at Adventure Hats and Cover Hats is gearing up to release a G. Love summer straw fedora 100 percent of the profits will continue to go to Malaria No More.

I’m gearing up for my long awaited solo acoustic tour in support of the good brother Jack Johnson. This tour will take me coast to coast and I can’t wait to kick it. I’m going to be drawing material from my street musician, Oh Yeah record days, delta blues like Robert Johnson and John Hurt, covers from Velvet underground, Eric B and Rakim and Leadbelly as well as my newest original material.

In the fall I will begin work on my acoustic roots record. A record I’ve been waiting 15 years to make. I apologize for taking so long between records this time but I finally feel like it’s the record I want to make. I promise!!

My record collaboration with the infamous Plutonics from Oz is in its final stages of production and I hope it will be released late 2010 and will bring me back to Oz for a collaboration tour. This project is so damn funky. I swear its gonna be your new favorite G. Love record.

I also hit the studio with Slightly Stoopid for a week and we continued work on our collaboration projects. We made 4 dope tracks and it was great reconnecting with the fellas for some of everything you’d expecteverything you need.

Well, that’s about it right now. Thanks for tuning in. See you this summer!!!
Thanks! G



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