10/20/2010 – That’s a Wrap

October 20 ,2010

What’s up Pham!!!

After a Southern and West coast club tour in the winter, a run to Japan, a million secret shows, music festivals galore, a slamming summer on the road with the Jack Johnson Crew and two records in the can I’m actually wrapped for the year. With only a benefit in DC, and New Years with Widespread Panic in Denver on the horizon I barely know what to do with myself.

We had a tremendous year and we thank you kindly. Despite having no record out since 2008 SHB, a downward economy and a hurting music industry we still made it through with inspired thanks to the good music and the love and support of our fans. Our Fans are the best fans!! Thank you very, very much!! As I always say, “we couldn’t do it without you”. With out you I’d just be playing with myself–wait that doesn’t sound right, well…you know what I mean, I would be jamming on the front porch all by my lonesome that is…

I’m back in Boston just in time to catch the tail end of a beautiful fall. I’m just basically decompressing. So much music and focus, focus and music solid for so long. And now I’ve got a couple months to just chill. Hmmm what do I like to do when I chill? Oh yeah, play music. Last night I got back into my shedding and delved into my obsession with Bukka White. I’m learning, I’m learning. Nothing makes me feel as good as I do when I’m playing music so, I imagine myself really shedding a lot over the next few months. Play the blues man! And that’s the thing about music, you can never conquer it, you never stop learning, you never stop striving, it’s an endless journey and that’s what it is.

I can’t wait for y’all to hear my new records, yes records, but that story will come soon! In the meantime, enjoy your day, your week, your year, your life and keep your head up. Keep moving forward and don’t look back unless you’re learning from your mistakes. And— thank you so, so much for all the love and support at the shows.

For reals, see you soon,




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