Buzzine raves over G. Love’s new album ‘Fixin’ to Die’!

February 24 ,2011


A recent article on Buzzine takes us on a tour of G. Love’s new folksy and beat-bangin’ album ‘Fixin’ to Die.’ Buzzine provides a detailed and excellent description of the new album and specific tracks:

“‘Walk On’ welcomes us to the Midwest as the banjo’s perfect pizzicato rolls by like lush green hills through a true slice of Americana where ‘they all have a home and a place to run to and will all will help you find your way home.’ As sun sets, we reach ‘Just Fine’ with high-hat claps bringing us to a dream world with some classic G. Love rap stylings…’Your kiss is so delicious like this glass of fine wine…’ – a track with a much more contemporary feel than the rest of the vintage blues motif that reaches back in to take hold of ‘Ma Mere’ where an old trusty horse trots this stretch of road until ‘Get Goin’ takes the reigns into the fast lane to ‘get on down the road.’

Almost to say thank you for coming along with both Southern hospitality and Philadephonic flair, ‘Home’ bring us to our destination with more foot-tapping from the front porch stoop, while ‘Pale Blue Eyes’ rolls in like the credits of a movie over too soon, closing out our adventure and leaving us happy to have been on the journey. With a little help from his new friends, G. Love has done it again, easily taking any concrete jungle commute right out of the city to a new home in the country and we thank him for the ride and walk away looking forward to our next musical adventure together…”

Be sure to read the full album review by Buzzine by clicking here!



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