Japan Relief, from Garrett

March 22 ,2011

On behalf of all of the Philadelphonic Family, we want to send our strongest love, prayers and continued support to our friends in Japan. To watch the news from so far away and see the devastation which has occurred in a country we have come to know and love so dearly over the last 20 years truly breaks my heart. To know that our co-workers and friends and their families are in jeopardy is devastating to say the least. From afar we see the news, read the reports and can only feel the real terrors you are dealing with on the ground at a distance. We are with you in our hearts and we are pulling for you everyday. Stay strong, stay unified and the resilience and the community of the Japanese people will prevail. We are thinking about you every moment!

Please help the Japanese relief efforts by going to the below link:


Thanks and much love to the Japanese!!!





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