4/6/2011 – Hitting The Road / Fixin To Die Part Two

April 06 ,2011

Yo! What’s up yall. It’s a beautiful Wednesday spring morning and I’m on the Amtrak Acela service NYC-Boston drinking coffee and writing this post. I’m headed to catch my flight to Phoenix, AZ. Tomorrow night the tour kicks up again and I’m ready. I had a great week off. Lots of good family time and musical shedding time. I’ve been jamming nonstop. The music on my new record Fixin To Die is pushing me back to the Delta Blues with the fire.

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I’ve been playing so much slide guitar I think that thing is going to fuse on my pinkie. Damn that would be slick. Anyways, I can’t wait to get to the west coast and take it all the way up to Washington state. California here we come.

This winter has been going to long but it finally seems to be breaking into springtime. So that’s that we will see you soon at a theater near you. Here we come!
See you soon- G




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