5/2/2011 – Fixin To Die Tour Rap

May 02 ,2011

Hey yall- first of all, thanks to each and everyone of y’all that came out to the shows coast to coast and to all the sleepers that missed the shows…Hmmm I’m gonna give you one last chance next year to get out to the show!!

This tour found us really finding the sweet spot. Blending the new songs from Fixin To Die with the older joints for a really fluid show featuring the best of old and new. The band has been firing on all cylinders and Timo, Mark and Jeff have been killing it every night. The level of musicianship the Special Sauce brings to the stage every night is constantly pushing me as a musician to take my playing and performance to the next level. You try keeping up with these cats! I’m telling you it’s work!

One of my favorite parts of the show is the acoustic trio of Mark, Timo and I when we play our new joint, “Smoke It” and the new hit, “Just fine”. Just Fine is playing on the radio now so please request at your local radio station and I will buy you a beer (or a coffee) when I see you.

Well, I just made it back to Boston town and spring is really trying hard to beat this long winter. Today is a beautifully sunny day and I’m excited to kick it on the porch and work up some new jams for y’all. I will be playing a couple benefits in Philly next week then I’m off to Brazil with the good brother Jack Johnson for the Brazilian tour. I will be rocking solo acoustic and I’m certainly looking forward to taking these blues down south, way down south.

Don’t worry though, I won’t be gone long and this summer is lining up to be a great one with both full band festival hits and solo acoustic shows at many beach towns up and down the east coast.

In October we will be back in full swing with GLASS shows in all the cities we haven’t hit yet so keep checking in here for tour dates.

If you didn’t get Fixin To Die yet you best get off the couch and go get it. And while you’re at is get some G. Love’s Special HOT Sauce from the store.

Much love and respect to you all and many, many thanks! See you soon! G



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