5/12/2011 – Spring Has Sprung

May 12 ,2011

Finally! Spring is here in full effect and so am I. I have a couple Benefit shows is Philly this week so I am hubbing out of NYC and it’s just beautiful. 70 and sunny all week which is a good thing after such a long, cold winter.

I spent the morning jamming in Tompkins Sq. Park down in the East Village. Back in the day I used to run around down there and had some crazy nights. The neighborhood definitely cleaned up a lot since then but as with any inner city park, there’s still plenty of freaks hanging around. I made a few new friends out of two French bums and 3 pill-popping (at noon) painters. Put it like this, you never know who your going to attract with a guitar on a sunny day. Freaks!!

GLaSS has some Tompkins Sq. history as well. We played the classic room Brownies, which is across from the park, for one of our showcases when we were trying to score a record deal. We would pack up the 63 Dodge Dart and head down from Boston with our guitars and pipe dreams. It actually worked out.

After we got our deal we returned to the old man bar on the lower east side of the park where Karim Ek shot the photos that are in the book art of our first record. The shots we used that day were the shots captured when we didn’t think we were shooting. We used the cover shot from the old Woolworths diner counter that used to be by Union Sq. I was messing around blowing the paper off the straw at the camera, which was making me extremely uncomfortable. That was the shot that made the cover. Just clowning around and having fun. The booklet photos were shot when we stopped by Tompkins Sq. for a cold Guinness. That’s when you get the best of everything, when you’re not even trying. Just like Kyle from Slightly Stoopid says, “the harder you try, the less you succeed, don’t try at all and get everything you need”. I feel like you’ve got to work hard and try to succeed everyday, but, usually all that work pays off when in fact you’re relaxed in the zone, not trying at all, just being…

Anyways, that will be my week, jamming in the Square and trying to stay out of trouble before I crank it up next week and head to Brazil with Jack. This summer is looking good as well and I will be doing both solo acoustic shows as well as weekend festival hits with the band.

Make sure you get the new record if you didn’t peep it yet. Fixin To Die is in stores now and it’s gonna be some essential music for your summer haze. See you soon!

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