Down and Dirty with G. Love: Festival Rules

June 27 ,2011

“My long time drummer, Jeffrey Clemens, aka The Houseman, and I are on the plane from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Nashville, Tennessee. We are sitting in the Business Class cabin.

Jeff got the upgrade and I just sat down next to him. That’s why I always board last. I’m a self-proclaimed opportunist — and I mean this in the best possible way. When you board last, there’s always an opportunity to sit your ass down in an empty Business Class seat.

Opportunity: Don’t miss out on it it. To quote Q-Tip, “Be alert, look alive and act like you know … .” Trust me, this mantra will get you far. As a result, I’m chilling up front in 4A, drinking a Tanqueray & Tonic headed to Nashville, Tennessee, to make my 12:30 p.m. set on the main stage at Bonnaroo tomorrow. Awwww, yeah.

Yes, it’s that time of year: festival season. All across the world, the hipsters, hippies, freaks, road tripsters, musos, fashionistas, geeks, partiers and music lovers will gather in fields, forests, mountains, deserts, parking lots, amphitheaters and stadiums, all coming together for the sake of live music. Ahhh, yes, it’s festival time.”

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