Down and Dirty with G. Love: The G. Love Corvette aka The Mean Greenie

July 11 ,2011

About eight years ago, I was playing the Summer X Games in LA at the Staples Center. I rolled by the Fender booth and met another Philly Cat by the name of Bill Cummisky. Bill and I got to talking guitars and we thought a great guitar company/artist pairing could be made between Gretsch and G. Love. Bill works with Fender, which owns Gretsch, so the opportunity was right there.

Gretsch has had such an amazing history as a company. They produce high-quality, aesthetically adventurous and beautiful guitars. They have a huge artist roster and a big history in rock ‘n’ roll, classic country and blues.

For me as an artist, it was the perfect fit. From their design history, it is clear Gretsch is a company willing to try different body styles and a myriad of finishes. When Bill C and I talked about doing a G. Love signature series, I was ecstatic. I would be joining the ranks of Chet Atkins, Brian Stetzer and many other classic players. As a guitar player, securing a signature series guitar deal was as big a deal, if not bigger, than getting my first record contract with Epic back in ’94.

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