Down and Dirty with G. Love: Dave Matthews

July 15 ,2011

“I first met Dave Matthews in the catering line for the Horde Tour back in 1994 at Old Orchard Beach in Maine. We were both on the come-up and bursting on the scene.

Little did I know at the time that Dave and his band would be my generation’s “Kings of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” I imagine that Dave Matthews is the top-grossing (or one of the top-grossing) touring acts every year. And it’s been that way for probably 15 years. Go, Dave.

The question is, what is it about Dave’s music, songs, his band and his personality that has connected year in and year out to make him one of the biggest names in rock? Is it hit songs? Well, yes and no. Lots of artists have hit songs, but that doesn’t always translate to big touring numbers. In fact, more often than not, it seems like hit songs can detract from touring acts that have blown up on the strength of their live shows.

Is it the style, the consistency, the light show, the hot girls at his shows? What is it about Dave!?! I could keep making you guess what it is, but I’m gonna break it down what I think it is. It’s MELODY and worthwhile, thoughtful lyrical content.”

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