Down and Dirty with G. Love: The Electric Rig

July 22 ,2011

“I started out predominantly as an acoustic player, but when I formed my band in 1993 I knew that was going to change.

At the time, my main stage guitar was a 1939 Dobro. I had a D’Armond pickup off an old Silvertone installed near the bridge, but as always, there were a lot of problems trying to amplify the sound of a Dobro into an electric setting. Point of story? It was time to get that electric guitar going.

Plug in and play. That’s how I’ve always been.

I take my acoustic style and apply it to my electric work. I’m not a tech guy and for better or worse, I definitely admit this. I just want to plug in and play. When you go electric, you are really using two instruments, your guitar and your rig. Whether your rig consists of 40 pedals into a wall of amplifiers or just a chord into a tube amp, you have to learn your rig, shed on your rig and know how to get the best sounds out of it as possible.”

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