8/8/2011 – What A Summer!

August 08 ,2011
G. Love and friends

photo by Kevin Notargiacomo

Welcome, welcome friends! Well, I’m going to be honest with you, this past spring when we were putting together our summer plans I sure was feeling like the summer tour was going to be a disaster but as I’m flying back from Fuji Rock in Japan I’m reminiscing on one of the finest and most enjoyable summer tours of my career. Here’s the wrap up. Let me know which shows you came to and if you came to a couple, which were your favs.

I guess we could say that the summer started early for us in Brazil with the good brother Jack Johnson. Jack asked me to support him solo acoustic and I’m telling you friends, whenever I get to perform solo acoustic I get good fast. There’s nothing like being up there all alone. It’s sink or swim and I always enjoy those type of creative circumstances. We had a great time in Brazil with Jack, Merlo, Adam, Zack, the Johnson Fam, the Crew (thanks!!!), and the wonderful, huge and enthusiastic Brazilian crowds.
In the blink of an eye we were back in the states on a flight to Nashville and en route to Bonnaroo where we definitely crushed a band show and a solo show. I was hard pressed to decide which set I loved more. After I played my two sets and a shit ton of press and radio I was really blown away by an excellent Strokes set and had a nice rap with Julian Casablancas after. Bonnaroo was dope.

G. Love and friends

photo by Kevin Notargiacomo

What next? A string of solo acoustic shows up and down the east coast where every night the crowds kept dancing and vibing harder. Wellfleet, Nantucket, Dewey beach…these were inspired nights man!
After that I linked back up with the band for the DMB Caravan Shows in Atlantic City and Chicago. We had special guest Big Al aka SuperFresh announcing us on stage. Ahhhhh such good vibes!
We hit up Basilica Block party with Michael Franti, headlined at SummerFest in Milwaukee, Delmar racetrack, Trinity Tribal Stomp, Roc City Jazz Fest, Baltimore Artscape whaaaaat! Talk about some crazy ass shows with some big ass crowds. Fiyo fiyo fiyo!

In between all that I even went out to Denver to shoot a spot for the Encore/Starz Network that features the song Walk On. And… It’s too early to announce but I’m guesting harp on two big big records this year. I ain’t bragging, I’m just sayin…I’m excited man that’s all.

G. Love and friends

photo by Kevin Notargiacomo

And we still aren’t done. I’m taking some family time now but we just had some bomb shows at 311 Pow Wow fest and the US Open in Huntington Beach followed Ft Collins (free!!), Salt Lake City, Steamboat Springs, the show goes on.
This September I’m looking forward to heading over to the UK, Amsterdam and Paris for a string of acoustic shows to get Fixin To Die rolling overseas. Then before you know it our October run is coming, we will be back on the east coast playing the home town shows in Philly, Boston, NYC, DC and all the cities where we got our start in ’94. It’s been too long since we did our own thing there so get your tix now so we can all get down and do it right on the East Side.

So basically, this summer was the summer of summers and we really want to thank each and every one of you who shared those nights with us or watched from afar. Our fans are the best and we couldn’t do it without you. See you soon!

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