Down and Dirty with G. Love: On Performing

August 16 ,2011

“Time to hit the stage.

Be on time. Give 1000 percent. Play like it’s your last show. Become your music. Sweat. Love it. Bleed for your music. Connect with your crowd. Have fun. Execute your plan. Perform technically sound. Let go of your inhibitions. Take risks. Do something different. Take advantage of your opportunity. Love it…

For this week’s blog, which I believe, is my eleventh for Guitar World, I wanted to ramble on to you all about performance. Your performance is probably the most important thing about your music as it relates to people other than yourself. True, the best music you ever play may be in your room or on your porch with only your dog listening but if you do want to make music professionally you’ll have to hit the streets, the stage, the studio and you better be ready to cut it up.”

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