Rombello Rap – 10/10/2011

October 10 ,2011

Well every couple of years we get to do something crazy fun. Aight aight well it’s crazy fun every night out here on the road but the Rombello cruise was killer.

We were joined by Slightly Stoopid, Michael Franti, Brett Dennen, Citizen Cope, JJ Grey and Mofro, Soja and a whole lot of other dope Bands and DJ’s for a four day cruise from Tampa, FL to Cozumel, Mexico. Slamming!

These types of gigs are really amazing. I would have to say that aside from getting to see some of my favorite acts perform, the best parts are what’s happens off the stage. The late night jams and hang sessions we all shared. Jamming on the late night with Cope and Brett Dennen, chilling with the Stoopids and just vibing out all day and night. That really made it for me!

There were tons of collaborations. Karl Denson and I sat in with Franti. Timo and I sat in with SS for Devils Door and an Everything You Need/Mellow Mood mash up. I sat in with Brett Dennen on harp. Miles and I jammed Baby I Like It acoustic. The sit in’s were nonstop. The musical community that’s formed and solidified on these types of gigs was just outstanding. You can’t beat it.

As I write this I am now remembering C Money, Cope and I singing a dope ass hook “for the love of money” into my phone at my B Day party. I’m telling you so many jams and collaborations are going to come out of this in the coming year. Just watch!

Now I’m back on dry land and I’ve quit smoking. Which is good cause I want to live and bring this music to you till I’m at least 125 years old. Come on now! Tonight I’m in Birmingham and headed north to hometown Philly, NYC, DC and Boston. It’s going to be bangin playing the East Coast stomping grounds. We’ve got a real special show for y’all so get on out to the shows and we will see you soon.
Thanks for dropping by.

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