Down and Dirty with G. Love: Always Take the Gig

October 21 ,2011


“Always take the gig. Always take the gig. Breathe in deep, now breathe out all the way and repeat. Doesn’t that feel nice? Always take the gig. It’s a goddamn mantra repeat and repeat again. Ommmmmmmmmm always take the damn gig.

After being berated as grown men for over-partying, we were of course absolutely defensive and found many ways/excuses to continue our belligerency. Scott said brilliantly,” I look at it like this, if I stay home I know exactly what’s going to happen, when you go out anything could happen”. Spoken like a true networker and connector I wholeheartedly agreed. When you’re out on the town, out on the gig, anything can happen. You could fall down drunk on your face or you could meet someone with an opportunity that could change your life or career. Of course this is not carte blanche for excessive partying. In fact It’s just the opposite. What I’m saying is this. You will often have a choice, to take time off or to gig, to watch a show or play a show, to go to a party or entertain the party? These choices can and will shape your career as a musician.”

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