St. Martin

January 05 ,2012

We had the pleasure of meeting a great family from St Martin at a Boston show a couple years back and when they made an offer for me to come down to their hotel in St Martin we warned them that we probably would come. A few weeks back we did.

Since that night in Boston we have been friends. Marc and Kristin Petrelluzzi run an amazing hotel in Grand Case, which is on the French side of St Martin. The hotel is called L’Esplande and it’s just the perfect spot for a getaway to recharge, relax and inspire. If you are planning a trip down to the Carribbean I highly recommend this charming hotel by the sea. Check it out:

This year we had a wonderful oppurtunity to have been offered a gig down in St Martins and guess what? We went. Surfboards and guitar in hand we flew from NYC down to St Martins and got into it. I was doing a benefit show for a local foundation which supports the wild life of St Martins called the Nature Foundation. Check out some of the good work these wonderful people do here:

Amazing Food!

I was going to be performing with a band called Orange Grove. OG splits time between St Martins and Holland. St Martins is half Dutch and half French so you find many people, like OG, who spend time in both countries. A Carribbean/ Dutch reggae band? Works for me. After our flight landed and a quick surf with Philly Frank we had some amazing local food at the LoLos down in Grand Case on the French side. These LoLos are basically BBQ joints on the beach. They cook everything from conch, lobster, chicken and ribs on an open grill and serve it with Johnny Cakes and peas and rice, salad and slaw. You will be in heaven.

Sea Urchins!!
The next morning I was up early and went off to meet Orange Grove for a rehearsal. We had decided to get some jams together as an encore after their set and my solo acoustic set. We had a great morning sess jamming on tunes like Jersey, Peace, Love and Happiness, Unified and a couple of covers including Jimmy Cliff’s “Harder They Come” one of my favorites for sure.

The next two days were show days and surf days. In between surfing and picking sea urchin spines out my toes I was changing strings and practicing up getting ready to bring the blues to the beach.

The shows ended up really coming off we enjoyed some excellent collaborations with OG. I think it is safe to say a fun time was had by all.

For more info on OG check this out



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