Down and Dirty with G. Love: Making It on the Road

March 29 ,2012


“People always ask me, “What is it like? Tell me the story of the road!”

Well, in short, it’s, “Pack up a bag of shirts and shoes, lace up them sneaks and play the damn blues. You’ve got to drive, eat, sound check and sleep, get back in the van and play for the peeps …”

Beyond road clichés, how you make it is an important question. Now more than ever, the on-ramp to the success highway lies literally through the road. I hear all the time that the modern music industry is like the Wild West. I agree: The game is wide open, the rules have changed; in fact, there are no rules. Head out on the dusty trail and see what you can turn your future into.

Everyone’s path is different. Some make it overnight on YouTube if you’ve got a hit. We can look at the successes of musicians like Lana Del Ray and other YouTube sensations that incubated and blew up online and say, “Damn, that’s easy.”

It really can happen that way, true true, but then again, you’ve got to ask yourself, is this a lasting kind of success?

My short answer is no. The key to long-term success in this crazy-ass business lies in developing a fan base, connecting with people. And where better to do this than in every freaking venue and club across this country?

I spent eight years in the back of a van. First the old maroon Ford cargo van in which we traversed this great country, coast to coast for two years. Later, when that beast had too many miles on it, we started renting Budget vans. We upgraded to a cargo van driven by our stage tech, Nate Solod, rest his good soul, and a 12-passenger for the band driven by our good TM, Richie DeBraccio.”

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