Sweet ‘N Blues – New EP

June 16 ,2015

Greetings Family!

Well, we’ve had an exciting spring in the studio and on the road and are gearing up for a great summer full of shows Coast to Coast! We have just wrapped up the recording of a new full length LP which will be released later this year. But honestly that’s still top secret information so let’s not let the cat out of the bag just yet! shhhhhhhhhh….. Right now I’m still high on SUGAR and we have some sweet news. It’s been such an amazing year playing behind our latest record SUGAR and now that we have tantalized your musical taste buds we are upping your dose of the sugary sweetness and lowdown nasty blues that we love to serve. We have dug through the vaults of last years SUGAR recordings and are getting ready to release the best outtakes on limited edition Vinyl and digital release. This new EP of 6 songs from the Sugar sessions is called “Sweet ‘N Blues” and will be available on limited edition 10″ vinyl, and all digital stores on June 30th. You can preorder it here, pick it up at your local record store, or at the merch booth on tour. Our friends at WFPK in Louisville will be premiering “I AIn’t Finished Yet” on tuesday at 11am, so tune in to hear it first. You’ll also get a DL of “I Ain’t Finished Yet” when you preorder the EP, and be entered to win an autographed test pressing of the new EP, or an autographed bottle of G. Love’s Special Hot Sauce

We hope you enjoy sinking your teeth into the Sweet ‘N Blues EP this summer and we look forward to seeing you on the road at a theater near you.

Many Thanks! Your friend,

G. Love



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