Important Tour Date Changes

August 06 ,2016

Greetings Friends,

We are sorry to say that our good friend John Popper, from Blues Traveler, is in need of spine surgery. We regret to inform you that we have to reschedule a few of our upcoming shows with them. We apologize to all of our fans, but please stay tuned as these shows will be moved to a later date this Fall. We will keep you updated. Thanks for your support and we are all sending a lot of love and positive vibrations to John Popper for a speedy recovery. Thanks!

We will still be playing the Mankato, MN and Chicago, IL shows as scheduled this weekend.

We are canceling the following shows until further notice:
8/18 – Oshkosh, WI

The following shows have been rescheduled to these dates:
Moorehead, MN is now on 9/27
Des Moines, IA is now on 9/28
Southaven, MS is now on 10/21

Please check for further dates.
Read More about this here:



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