Pre-Show Pop Off FAQs

Q: Does this package have a minimum age?
A: The majority of shows are open to people of all ages! However, the age policy varies with each venue. Please refer to the venue age restrictions for each show.

Q: How will I receive my tickets, VIP credentials, and poster?
A: Whether you print your tickets to the main show at home, receive them in the mail, or plan to pick them up at will call, PLEASE make sure you bring your tickets for the main show to the Pre-Show Pop Off. Please note the VIP team has no control over the tickets you purchase thru the venue. Any questions for direct sales from the venue should be directed to the venue. You will not be allowed in without your ticket to the main Show. All VIP credentials and posters will be available for pickup upon entry to the VIP event the day of the show. As it gets closer to the event, an informational email will be sent with pickup details.

Q: Is VIP parking included?
A: Parking is not included. Please refer to the venue for more info regarding parking.

Q: When do the pre-show performance and Q&A session start?
A: The timing varies with each show. Generally, we suggest that guests are ready to go with their credentials about 2-3 hours prior to doors opening to the public. More specific times will be provided in the informational email.

Q: Can I bring my own camera to the pre-show performance?
A: All camera phones are acceptable, however, cameras with detachable lenses will not be permitted. A staff member will be available to take the group photo on stage so all personal cameras must be put away for that portion.

Q: Can I get an autograph and solo picture with G. Love?
A: We will not be able to do personalized autographs for the VIP event; however, we will have your VIP Poster available, signed during the event.

Q: Will I be able to enjoy the full VIP program and receive early entry?
A: Depending on the venue you will either be allowed to stay in the venue for early entry or, once the VIP event is over, be placed at the very front of the line for first access to the venue! You will receive instructions once you arrive at the venue.

Q: Is early entry included in the UPGRADE?
A: Yes!

Q: The people attending the concert with me may arrive late. How would they get their credentials and merchandise, etc.?
A: The original purchaser will pick up credentials upon entry. Please let our staff member who is checking your name know that your other guests will be arriving late, along with the late-arriving guest names.

Q: I purchased a package as a gift, but I will not be in attendance. How can my friend or family member pick up the package on my behalf?
A: In order to accommodate this, the original purchaser must contact our Guest Services team at to authorize an alternate pick-up person at least 2 weeks before the event date. This authorization will allow a friend or family member to pick up the package on the purchaser’s behalf. All informational emails and correspondence will still go to the original purchaser and it is up to them to relay the information to the guest attending the event.

Q: What if I change my mind and don’t want my package?
A: All packages are non-refundable. Please refer to the Purchase Policy for complete details.

Q: Am I going to have an amazing time?